Dog Diarrhea From Stress

Dog Diarrhea From Stress

What is causing my dog’s stress diarrhea?

Stress diarrhea is a common physical response in dogs to stress or anxiety. Examples of stressful situations that can trigger gastrointestinal (GI) upset include adoption, boarding, separation from the owner, changes in the household or environment and introduction of a new pet or family member.

How can I reduce the risk that my dog will get stress diarrhea?

If possible, ease your dog through transitions and let him or her acclimate to new experiences gradually. Many veterinarians recommend a probiotic supplement, which supplies beneficial bacteria to restore balance in the intestine. It can also be used when a stressful situation is anticipated to help keep your pet’s digestive tract in check.

How are dogs with stress diarrhea managed?

When dogs are anxious or upset, they can experience acute, short-term diarrhea. Again, a probiotic supplement can be used to calm the digestive tract and restore the balance of microflora in the intestine that is disrupted by gastrointestinal (GI) upset.

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